FOCUSED (2.5 hr) NCLEX Workshop

Our FOCUSED NCLEX Workshops are highly focused 2.5hr NCLEX prep study sessions.  Each workshop will key in on a particular set of skills & subject material allowing you pick the class(es) that will help you most.

Workshop Topics Include:

  1. Arrest Management – quick and useful guide to effective interventions in a critical situation
  2. Cardiac – assessment and interventions & review, (ex: CO = HRxSV)
  3. ECG – quick and easy look at how to distinguish different rhythms
  4. O2 Supply & Demand – critical evaluation of our systems and oxygen needs
  5. Pharmacology & Labs – review of common medications, lab tests/results, interpretation and treatment
  6. Respiratory – assessments, interventions and ventilation modes
  • Each NCLEX workshop will involve a mix of micro-lecture and group study sessions.  For more on our class format, please visit our Class Format page.
  • For specific information on each Focused session, please click then links above or click on the class Learn More button (appears when you mouse over a class images on the previous page)

Cost: $70 / session
Min class size: 4
Max Class size: 12

*ask about institution and contract rates


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