Nurse Coaching, Private Tutoring

Complete is our total package offering. It provides the complete solution from graduation, preparing for & writing the NCLEX, through to interviewing for your first job & job-coaching through your first 2 months on the job. We’ll work with you to build your skills & confidence as a practicing nurse.  One-on-one assistance the whole way.

See below for a breakdown:

COST: $3800.00

HOURS: 38 hours

WHAT IS INCLUDED: (1 on 1 for the following)

  • 24 hours: of NCLEX training
    • All materials included (question bank, workbook, supporting materials)
  • 1 hour: Resource Review 
    • Resources & support available for a nurse and new grad
  • 2 hours: Job Application Support
    • Job Fit & Qualifications
    • Skills Assessment
    • Seeking Suitable Positions
  • 2 hours: Interview
    • Preparation
    • Mock interviews
  • 2 hours: Resume
    • Review of Existing Resume
    • Recommendations for Improvement
    • Refinement
  • 1 hour: Cover Letter
    • How to Write an Attention Grabbing Cover Letter
  • 2 hours: Financial Review (as a new grad)
    • What to expect from your pay day and positions (extras, differentials etc)
    • Debt service recommendations
    • Savings & Investment recommendations
  • 4 hours: Job Coaching
    • 30 min per week for you first 8 weeks on the job

OTHER: (if applicable)

LifeSkills is also able to offer support for a transition to working in the United States. Furthermore, we are able to support international nurses interested in pursuing nursing in Canada. We will highlight and explain the necessary steps that must occur for these to happen.

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