Nurse Coaching, Private Tutoring

Coaching with LifeSkills is a new job service for the new nurse. This program will pair you with a nurse job coach who will work hands on with you on such things as: resume & cover letter preparation tailored to your actual applications, job finding, interview preparation & job coaching to ease the transition into your new position.  All this is geared specifically to nurses & delivered by nurses.

Start your new position comfortable and with confidence.  If you want peace of mind as you transition into your career as a nurse, our Coaching service is for you!  All materials included.

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See below for a breakdown:

COST: $1600.00

HOURS: 16 hours

WHAT IS INCLUDED: (1 on 1 for the following)

  • 2 hour: Resource Review 
    • Resources & support available for a nurse and new grad
  • 2 hours: Job Application Support
    • Job Fit & Qualifications
    • Skills Assessment
    • Seeking Suitable Positions
  • 2 hours: Interview
    • Preparation
    • Mock interviews
  • 2 hours: Resume
    • Review of Existing Resume
    • Recommendations for Improvement
    • Refinement
  • 1 hour: Cover Letter
    • How to Write an Attention-Grabbing Cover Letter
  • 2 hours: Financial Review (as a new grad)
    • What to expect from your pay day and positions (extras, differentials etc)
    • Debt service recommendations
    • Savings & Investment recommendations
  • 1 hour: left open for you to choose what you want to revisit or focus on again, or anything you want
  • 4 hours: Job Coaching
    • 30 min per week for you first 8 weeks on the job
    • Rest as scheduled per agreed

*Private coaching is available at the rate of $100/hr


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