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At lifeskills, we believe there's a better way to teach & to study.

Our casual non-threatening learning environment will put all at ease. Each one of our courses is designed in a hands-on format. We engage all levels of learning while bringing a fresh approach to studying for the NCLEX.

We cut through the over-information to ensure that key content & relevant strategies are covered in every session. Learned tips, tricks and tools will also be shared. We will provide lots of opportunity to hone your skills in a group setting.

Every session ends with a dedicated Q&A period. Concepts that matter to you will be covered.

A handbook & question bank will be provided to you. It will be simple, effective & usable!

  • how long are the sessions?

    Every individual session (class or workshop) is about 2.5 hours including break times & optional Q&A at end of every session.

  • do you provide a text?

    Rather than bombard you with another textbook, we'll give you a carefully created study guide and manual to help you better utilize the texts that you've already paid good money for. We'll supplement with useful worksheets, tools & case studies.
    Any printed material is provided by LifeSkills and is covered by your registration fees.

  • 2.5 hours is long - i get hungry

    Light refreshments & beverages are provided complementary at all sessions.


session structure

We utilize the same 3 component structure to all our classes. We call it: LISTEN | LEARN | ASK

You will find that all our sessions have a large emphasis on collaborative learning and practical explanations and application. We keep lecturing to a minimum, hands-on to a maximum and allow you the opportunity to ask lots of questions to make sure you're getting the information you need.

We're all about answering the why and the how to maximize your test-taking knowledge!

Time: 30 min + 5 min breakEach session begins with a look at expected learning outcomes - you'll get the roadmap first. Then our instructors will guide you through some brief focused teaching & review of key concepts. After a short break, it's practice time.
Time: 80 min + 2x 5 min breaksWe then work on a mix of collaborative & individual practice questions. Practical application, real life examples & strategic coaching is what this phase is all about.
3. ASK
Time: 30 min - may opt out if you wishEvery session ends with an opportunity for you to squeeze the most out of it. You are given the opportunity to ask our instructors questions relevant to the materials covered to make sure you leave feeling equipped to write this test better.
access to a leading RN NCLEX prep question bank
we subscribe to UWorld (so you don't have to)

LifeSkills Medical Inc is a subscriber to UWorld's extensive bank of NCLEX test prep questions.  We pay the subscription so you don't have to.  With every course you take with LSM, you gain access to this fantastic study tool.

As stated on the UWorld website, their question bank gives you access to*:

  • Over 1900 challenging questions
  • > 30% select-all-that-apply (SATA) and alternate items
  • Detailed rationales for correct and incorrect options
  • Multiple concepts per question to reduce prep time
  • Vivid medical images/illustrations to help master the content
  • Exam software that looks just like the real NCLEX
  • Ability to mark questions and study key concepts quickly 
  • Developed by experienced nurse educators
    *Taken from:
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